Munzur University Rare Earth Elements Research and Application Center (MUNTEAM) was officially established in March, 2019.

The MUNTEAM is engaged in highly effective multidisciplinary research programs including geosciences, chemistry, environment, health and metallurgy.

The faculty members of Munzur University have combined their academic knowledge and experience at this research and application center in order to set the basis for the development of a REE industry in Turkey.

Our main goals are;


  • To understand the mineralogical and petrological characteristics of rare earth mineralizations in Turkey, and to develop geological, geochemical and geodynamic models for prospecting of new resources,

  • To perform scientific researches on the ore dressing by chemical methods which are not hazardous for the environment,

  • To develop new areas of usage for rare earths and new products with high added value, which are vital components of high technology,

  • To set the basis for the development of a REE industry in Turkey, and to support the creation of production strategies and determination of rational economic policies for our country,

  • To enhance scientific collaborations with other relevant national organizations (e.g.; NATEN, MTA, Eti Maden) and international institutions/research groups.

About us